From Accident to Idea

June 9, 2006 marked a pivotal moment for Deborah Tacoma as she headed home. While attempting to avoid a mailbox, she swerved her car, resulting in a crash that left her with a broken back. This incident unveiled the humbling and frustrating reality of relying on others for assistance with basic hygiene needs. Confined to her home due to unpredictable bathroom needs, Deborah found life unbearable. At that time, there was no toilet aide available on the market to provide the support she desperately needed, leaving her feeling isolated and alone. Then she had an idea...

A Mission for Dignity

Deborah founded Freedom Creators and invented the FreedomWand because she understood how it feels to lose your dignity and self-worth when you can not care for your personal hygiene. (Everyone should be able to wipe their own butt, after all.)

At Freedom Creators, we recognize your desire for independent living. You shouldn't have to rely on others for personal cleaning and care.

Over the past 16 years, we've assisted thousands individuals of all ages and abilities in reclaiming the life God created them to live.

Our commitment is to support you in regaining the joy of living, so you can put an end to feelings of embarrassment and frustration. Regain your self-worth and dignity today.

Freedom Freddie

Meet Freedom Freddie! He's the FreedomWand expert and loves to talk about wiping, cleaning and other personal matters. When you see Freddie, you know it's FreedomWand! FreedomWand (and all Freedom Creator products) are made in Holland, MI, USA.

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