The FreedomWand Story

  • Extends Your Reach

  • Easy to Use

  • Travel-Friendly

  • Made in the USA

Superior Grip

Features 4 soft-tip prongs to grab and hold items in place. Just slide the bar to grip or release.

Ergonomic Rubber Handle for Comfortable Use

Lightweight and requires minimal grip strength – with an optional neoprene strap (sold separately) for a more secure hold.

Bring it Wherever You Go

FreedomWand disassembles easily for safekeeping and fits discreetly in its included carrying bag. Take it with you wherever you need it, with the peace of mind of convenient portability.

All-Around Reaching Tool

A multipurpose must-have for those who wants to be free from limited reach – can reach toilet paper, razor, sponge, loofah, or anything as small as your pinky.

Struggle No More

You shouldn't need to depend on others for cleaning and personal care. It's time to embrace the life you were created to live.

  • Senior Community

    Live at home and independently with the FreedomWand.

  • Little People

    Utilize the FreedomWand for multiple care uses. Cleaning, shaving, and more.

  • Veterans

    Our greatest appreciation to all who have served our great nation. FreedomWand is here to assist you.

  • Obese & Weight Challenged

    You are beautifully created. Live clean and confidently each and every day.

  • Injury or Surgical Recovery

    Dealing with limited range of motion due to an injury or recent surgery? FreedomWand will help keep you clean and infection free. Stay out of the hospital and living at home.

  • Chronic Pain

    Carpal tunnel, shoulder discomfort, and rotator cuff issues are among just a few of the challenges our users overcome with the FreedomWand.

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Fully Customizable to Your Needs

Available in multiple length options with as many extensions as you want – making it the perfect solution for your hygiene care.

See the FreedomWand in Action

  • Gail J

    "Great product and easy to clean!"

  • William

    "My wife has a disability and this allows her to clean herself after using the bathroom without any problems. Highly recommend this product over all others."

  • Susan

    "This bathroom aid was perfect for me. Easy to load and release paper."

  • Cromley

    "Tried several other products to no avail. This product was recommended by my OT. Finally a product that works for me after my back surgery."

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