• Stop the Embarrassment

    Do you rely on others to wipe or clean you daily? FreedomWand is here to help!

  • Live Independently at Home

    Difficulties with personal hygiene is the #1 reason people can not live independently at home. The FreedomWand is the versatile tool you need to live free.

  • Regain Mobility & Confidence

    Struggle with limited range of motion? Hip & spine issues, broken bones, heart issues, obesity, little people.

The FreedomWand Story

FreedomWand Kits

All Kits come with the custom FreedomWand Head with Grippers and Release Slide, Handle, Cloth, Carry Bag and Instructions.

Struggle No More

You shouldn't need to depend on others for cleaning and personal care. It's time to embrace the life you were created to live.

At FreedomWand, we understand the frustration because we've been there. We get it.

Senior Community

Live at home and independently with the FreedomWand.

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Little People

Utilize the FreedomWand for multiple care uses. Cleaning, shaving, and more.

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Our greatest appreciation to all who have served our great nation. FreedomWand is here to assist you.

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Obese & Weight Challenged

You are beautifully created. Live clean and confidently each and every day.

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Injury or Surgical Recovery

Dealing with limited range of motion due to an injury or recent surgery? FreedomWand will help keep you clean and infection free. Stay out of the hospital and living at home.

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Chronic Pain

Carpal tunnel, shoulder discomfort, and rotator cuff issues are among just a few of the challenges our users overcome with the FreedomWand.

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